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"Best play I've seen in the last two years, and I go to Broadway shows!"

"You ladies need to hand out Depends at the door, I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants! The show was fantastic!"

" Extremely funny. One laugh after another for 2 hours. Anyone who doesn't like this has no sense of humor!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed last night's production in McKinney! You ladies had me laughing the whole time. Bravo!!! "

"My friends and I laughed so hard. It is true, we all saw someone we knew on stage!"

"But by 1/2 time--uh--intermission-- we were solidly behind NTTW."

"Please bring this show back! I want to see it again. For anyone that has a chance to see it -- go, go, go!!! "

"It was just fabulous! They are both so talented and funny. Haven't laughed so hard in years. Just as good as any Broadway show, right here in our little town. Thank you for coming, making us laugh and having a good time out."

"My friend saw the play in New Haven and couldn't stop talking about it."

"I thought the show was fantastic. I laughed harder than the Tuna shows, and I love those! This show was so different though. I would have been disappointed if they had tried to copy it. NIPPLES was so original. Viva la difference!!"

"I took my wife because she wanted to go. I thought it would be a 'woman thing'. I never laughed so much. I would recommend it to anyone, male or female."

"How could one choose a favorite skit, the whole play was hilarious. I loved the show!"

"Have not laughed so hard in I don't remember when! Thanks a million for a night of great entertainment and seeing most of my in-laws up on stage. (Mavis' newsletter covered most of the Clay family happenings...) It was fantastic and worth the drive from Houston to see the show and meet y'all. I loved it!!!"

"Best live theatre I have seen in years! I laughed more in the first ten minutes than I have laughed for an entire 'comedy' show. And the laughs kept on coming! My cheeks were hurting when I left and my husband and I quoted lines from it on the drive home. Thanks gals-you are really something!"


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