Nipples to the Wind - the Actors

Janye Anderson
Paula Coco


Appearing as: Brenda | Mavis | Ms. Casey | Gladine | Jan | Mary Alice | Jessie Mae

Janye Anderson is a character actor who “brings to real-life” the varied personalities of each of the seven women she portrays in Nipples To The Wind. She studied acting under the tutelage of acting coaches Cathryn Hartt and Reno Venturi. Janye created her character of Jessie Mae, and is co-owner (with Paula Coco) of Jessie Mae and Pearl Greeting Cards ( Through these popular greeting cards and the “Jessie Mae” character, Janye brings a depth of talent as both an actor and a graphic designer.

Additionally, Janye holds a degree in Interior Design and has owned her own design company in Dallas, Texas, where she currently resides with her husband, daughter, three dogs and two cats.


Appearing as: Bunny | Susie | Cornelia | Flora | Deanna | Melissa | Pearl

Paula Coco has worked as a stand-up comedian for 14 years in New York and the surrounding Metropolitan areas. She has won multiple awards and recognition for her comedic work, and founded and directed The West Hartford Improv Troupe, The WHIT, from 1999 to 2004. Paula taught classes in both Improv and Stand-Up at the New England Academy of Theatre, and has directed several productions. In addition to Nipples To The Wind, Paula has written other plays including Mattie Silks and Frankincense & Mirth.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband, son, mother, and Lucy the Cat (who graciously allows the humans to live with her).


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